Soul Lifting Sensations

It is just one of those mornings. When the rain is heavy in the air and it feels as if it is weighing on the entirety of your soul.

Rolling grayness with wisps of white consume the sky. There is no sunlight to be found. Despite the dreary, gloominess, the air feels light; bringing a feeling of whimsical happiness. The trees sway in this mercurial and bewitching manner. I want to dance with them. The slight mist in the air brushes on my skin. An image surfaces of my toes in the sand; sitting alone on the ocean coast during a dark and stormy day. I look up into the clouds and feel charged with emotion. I think of you and everything in between. I want to hold onto this feeling: the warmth in my heart and the weightlessness of my thoughts. It is a flickering sensation that has been fleeting for some time now. I miss that calmness within myself. (Although I am not sure if I have ever really felt that way at any point in my life..)

Because time has been lost on us. Leaving space for an emptiness that cannot be filled. Denial, anger, sadness….forgiveness,  laughter, and love. These thoughts consume me and entrench me in darkness. I don’t want to be consumed with sadness anymore. So, I breathe in and out. I feel the breeze on my face. I imagine myself in that place, swaying with the trees and running my hands through the sand. I concede my soul to let go.


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